Moving Amid the Nocturnal
Cyn/Soo Min // July 20th 2030

Yoon Soo Min

With the waffle maker heated, Soo Min poured batter into the mold, closing the lid and allowing the batter to begin baking. Turning her back to the queen to procure more ingredients, Soo Min removed the strawberries from the fridge and began to cut them as the queen went to the pantry in search of cereal.

Skeptical, Soo Min had never before been tempted to try cereal, and it was never a meal listed on any restaurant menu she had ever seen, so it didn't even seem as though Americans placed a lot of interest in the simple meal, but Soo Min had seen it on TV. "Cheerios?" Looking at the yellow box, Soo Min picked it up and opened the box, smelling it first, though she was having a hard time associating it with much.

Pouring the cereal into a bowl, Soo Min added some of the milk she had pulled out for the waffles, just as she had seen on TV. Trying a bite, Soo Min's head tilted slightly to the side as she chewed the cereal, considering the taste. "It reminds me of misugaru a bit, the texture."

Busying herself with removing the first waffle and refilling the waffle maker for another one, Soo Min let the new waffle cook as she returned to the pantry, removing a bag of tan powder. Adding a couple scoops of the powder to a glass and adding milk and ice, Soo Min mixed the ingredients together and pushed it towards the queen. "Misugaru, Americans would call it a latte, of sorts. I also used to make it for Iseul, it's a multigrain powder mixed with milk and has a slightly nut flavor, but it looks like coffee without any caffeine, so little girls can think they're drinking adult drinks too." Smiling to the queen as Soo Min explained it, the drink could pair nicely with waffles, though the drink could easily be a meal in itself too. Retaining a slightly gritty texture, similar to vanilla bean in drinks, that was what the texture of the Cheerios reminded Soo Min of.

"Have you tried meditating before bed?" Though science had come a long way, Soo Min still believed in some of the ancient medicine, and meditation could be very important for a person who was so busy and needed to force themselves to sit down and clear their mind of their worries.

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