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Hold Up! Before You Proceed

Eternal utilizes a Member Profile application system as MyCode has proven to be a fussy application template system. Therefore, in order to fill out the application you must register as your character to the site. You’ll then be able to edit your character’s profile in Settings > Edit Profile.

This is not our application template. This is a walkthrough to help you while you fill out the actual Member Profile application.

When you are finished with your application please proceed to the Finished My Application thread!

HTML is required!

In order to fill out this application basic knowledge of HTML is necessary.

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Detailed Walkthrough


Alias: Here.
Age: Here.
Pronouns: Here.
Faction: What faction does your character belong in? e.g. Earthlings, White Moon, Golden Kingdom.
Ethnicity: Here.
Occupation: Here.
Face Claim: Here. Optional.
Inventory: List all of your character's noteworthy personal belongings here. List your artillery here too if your character has an alter-ego.


If your character is a civilian or has no power please omit this section.

Name: What's your character's alter-ego's name? e.g. Sailor Moon. If your character's a member of the Black Moon, they won't have an alter-ego therefore omit this section.
Element: What's your character's element of influence? For example, fire, water, ice, lightning. Mandatory for all characters who have power.
Series canons, list your character's attacks and abilities, do not describe them unless it is an original attack/ability.

Original characters and site canons (don't be confused with SERIES canons), list and describe your character's attacks and abilities. Please include weaknesses and how they're performed. If they use a weapon with the attack please mention it and include the weapon in the personal belongings section.
  • Sol Guardians can wield all of their attacks and abilities from every stage, plus one new attack.
  • Heavenly Kings, Helios and the Maenads can have 3 attacks, 2 abilities, and 1 new attack. They can no longer summon youma.
  • The Starlights can use their manga, Materials Collection and 1992 anime attacks, and they may have one new attack.
  • The Galactica Sailors may have four attacks and three abilities. The Galactica Knights can have three attacks and two abilities.
  • The Amazon Quartet may have all of their original abilities, including 2 new ones.
  • The Asteroid Guardians and knights may have 4 attacks and 2 abilities.
  • Dark Kingdom and planetary knights can have up to four attacks and two abilities.
  • Black Moons can have four attacks and two abilities.


All canon histories are the same as they were in the series including their personalities. We don’t want to see a rehash of the series in your history section, we only desire to see what has happened in their childhood, teenager, adulthood, and what’s happened to them now in their everyday life. Provide us with information on what has happened to them within the 12 years and how current events have affected them.

If they were alive during the Silver Millennium, please provide information on what happened during that era as well. Please remember that the Heavenly Kings were corrupted during that timeline at one point.

For original characters, it’s about the same—provide us with information of their overall upbringing and what’s happened to them now. What has made them who they are today?

If your character is part of the Black Moon or Dark Kingdom, make sure that you provide information on what made them join their faction.

Black Moon, remember that you have no access to Nemesis yet.

REMEMBER that the Black Moon arc DID happen overall. However, due to Guardian Cosmos's memory lock, nobody remembers that it happened. This protects players from breaking the fourth wall and saying that they've already encountered the Black Moon before.

We require that histories are written out in paragraph format.

Writing Sample

This section is NOT required for original characters.

Planetary knights (excluding Adonis/Danburite), Galactica Sailors and Knights do not need a writing sample. Sailor Starlights do need a writing sample.

For canon characters please provide us with a writing sample based on the canon character that you are applying for. Please remember to provide dialogue. All site rules apply.


Your Name: Here.
Age: Here.
Pronouns: Here, optional.
Contact Details: Here.
Time Zone:  Here.

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