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Things Go Bump in the Night - Saariyah Bhasin - 24 Oct 2019

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Saariyah could say that without a doubt, that she hated hospitals. Hated them. There was something about the environment that made her tense. But she would be lying if she didn't say that she needed a distraction from the Crystal Palace. The royal ball was a disaster and she'd known it from the start, but who listened to her?

No one.

That's what bothered her most. Saariyah's intuition wasn't usually wrong, and while others liked to assume otherwise, Saariyah kept her mouth shut. It was sometimes difficult for Saariyah to swallow her pride, especially when she desperately wanted to say I told you so. But she was working on it, and she needed to.

Except, when they managed to get a little break from their popup visit at the hospital, Saariyah hadn't anticipated the hairs on her skin to suddenly spike like static as she walked through one of the less crowded hallways of the hospital.

She wanted to make her way to the cafeteria as soon as possible, even though she'd known from experience that Earthling hospital food was gross. She hoped that the reputation that Princeton Hospital had acquired meant that the food wasn't nearly as bad as some of the other hospitals that she'd gone to for popup visits.

That's when she saw it: a shadowy figure had just ran to the other hallway almost within a split second, and that was not normal. The air chilled and Saariyah rubbed her arms, her eyes narrowing as she glanced around.

"Min, Maker, if that's you it's not funny." Saariyah snapped at them both, wondering if it actually was them. "How the hell did you two get a hold of the thermostat?" Saariyah wondered aloud, but she knew that there was no way that both of them were in on this.

She just hoped that her intuition was wrong.

@Myeong Min-Ji

Takes place before Shadows of the Night. <3