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Absences - Vii - 04 Jul 2018

Going away for a little while and need to post an absence notice? No worries! This thread is for you. We don’t require you to fill out a form, but we do need you in your post when your absence will start and when you’ll return. Please also mention the characters that this affects.

As per rules, we won’t consider absences posted in the discord server. We also won’t allow absences that go on for an extensive period of time, e.g. over a month especially if you’re playing a canon character.

RE: Absences - Seraphina Bailey - 10 Sep 2018

Name: Harlow
Duration: Unknown. Could be a week or more.
Reason: Hurricane Florence is supposed to hit my area sometime this week and may be as powerful as a category 5 storm. Because of this, if the power goes out, I may not be around for a week or more depending on how long it takes for them to get the power back on.

  • Seraphina Bailey
  • Aurora Smith
  • Lorelai Price
  • Aletheia
  • Andie Long

RE: Absences - Song Cordelia - 17 Sep 2018

As you all probably guessed, my name got called as an Emergency Responder to Hurricane Florence. I havent had much access to unsecure internet this week and I’ve had little time to more than sleep.

I should be back online mid-week this week or by weeks end once the inital response slows down.

See you soon! <3

RE: Absences - Seraphina Bailey - 05 Oct 2018

Name: Harlow
Duration: Should be a few days but could be up to a week
Reason: I am getting surgery on my left wrist next Thursday for my carpal tunnel. I should only be gone for a few days, but I may be gone for a week depending on how I heal.

  • Seraphina Bailey
  • Aurora Smith
  • Lorelai Price
  • Aletheia
  • Andie Long
  • Lena Moore
  • Malin Bishop

RE: Absences - Song Cordelia - 20 Oct 2018

My leadership lied to me :-(.

I'm back out in the field responding to Hurricane Michael. He was far more destructive than any of us would have guessed.

As a permanent, salaried employee, they can only keep me in the field away from my regular job 60 days. And I'm reaching that cap. So I should be home in the next couple weeks.

I'm only working half day on Sunday, so I'm going to try and finish getting caught up then (have a couple posts half written!)

Sorry folks, hurricane season sucks.

RE: Absences - Luna - 23 Oct 2018

I will be without computer access from mid Thursday the 25th until Monday Evening the 29th.  I will probably be popping into Discord and reading on the Ipad but not posting.  I'm going to see how many of my replies I can get out before then. 

Characters Involved
Luna and Imira.

RE: Absences - Adamao Megalos - 05 Jun 2019

I am still trying to get my life together, and hopefully when that happens, I will want to write again.

RE: Absences - Rosalind Forrest - 18 Jun 2019

There's no official format for these, but Harlow's seems comfortable to use and clear to read, so I'm stealing it.

Name: Alala
Duration: From Saturday, June 22nd to Sunday, June 30th
Reason: Due to me starting a new job and having two exams in the 27th and the 30th, I may not be as active as I would like, as most of my free time will be dedicated to studying. I will try my best to post until then and still pop every now and then, though!
  • Rosalind Forrest // Sailor Ceres
  • Eleanor de Marine // Sailor Neptune
  • Isolde Price // Berthier

RE: Absences - Fortune - 28 Oct 2019

Name: Fortune
Duration: last week and half to October 31st
Reason: Hey folks! Bear with me while the SF Bay Area and inland California gets battered by wind. The power's still on, but internet has been sketch for the last few days. We're due for another system to blow through starting tomorrow and into Thursday, so we'll see how it goes.
Characters: Neptune Knight

RE: Absences - Harlow - 29 Nov 2019

Name: Harlow
Duration: 11/29 till 12/13
Reason: As most of you know, I'm currently in my first semester of college and as the fall semester is coming to a close, it's that time of the year for finals and my big research paper that I need to get done. I'll still try to be around, but I won't be posting much because my focus is going to be on making sure I'm studying and getting decent grades for this semester! Thanks!

Seraphina Bailey