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Confrontation - Lilith Rey - 26 Dec 2018

The chaos from yesterday was insane.
At the palm of her fingertips, Lilith felt empowered by the darkness. She felt no desire to aid in the relief efforts, yet she had her own duties as Mayor to ease the worries of her people.
Within her office, Lilith paged through various reports that were written up within the past twenty-four hours regarding events. A mischievous grin formed on her features as she read each report, her eagerness to learn more about the chaos that Queen Metaria created.
Or rather, herself. Lilith was now just an alias, after all.
And not too long after Metaria’s return, Lilith had purchased five specific stones that morning: Beryl, Kunzite, Zoisite, Jadeite and Nephrite, to be on display in her office next to her computer monitor. She had a hunch on the whereabouts of a select few, but Lilith was merely buying time.
It was just as she gazed towards those stones that she heard her office phone paging in. “Mayor Rey, someone is here to see you. Shall I send them in?”
Startled, dark hues gazed towards her office phone as she wasn’t expecting surprise visits at this hour.
“If it’s important, send them in. If it can wait, tell them I’m in a meeting.” With that, shut off her phone, refocusing her attention back on the reports.

RE: Confrontation - Maximilian Chase - 28 Jan 2019

"She's in a meeting..."

"I'm well aware of her diversion tactics. Don't worry, I'll see myself in."

Typically Max wouldn't just barge into someone's office, but he had things to discuss with the mayor, and he wasn't about to sit back and wait until she had time to call him. The blackout was all over the news, but so were the crimes that had occurred during the blackout, and Max knew that meant his work was about to expand exponentially. What had caused the blackout? That was what he wanted to know, and since he hadn't been able to explore during the blackout himself, he was turning to the next best person.

Well, the second next best person. Beryl wasn't behind the blackout, she didn't have the answers, though as the chief of police, she would be working hard to discover the cause of the blackout. What was the next practical thing to do? Go to the person above the police chief. Lilith was a friend, and Max knew that he might be overstepping their friendship and pushing too much into her professional life, but if she had answers and could give them to him, then he was going to try. And if that meant he could return to the Dark Kingdom with all the answers and wipe that smug grin off London's face who thought he was always a step ahead of everyone else...well Max wasn't going to complain.

Opening the door of the office, Max could hear the secretary trying to protest and follow him while doing so, but Max simply closed the door behind him, shutting her out. "I can see that your meeting is with very important people."

"Seriously though, does anyone know what caused the blackout?" Strolling towards her desk, Max took up residence against the window, sitting slightly on the window sill as he looked at Lilith. She looked different somehow. Her hair perhaps? Women always complained when they changed their hair and someone didn't notice, right? But honestly, Max couldn't recall what Lilith's hair had looked like the other night when they had dinner, he wasn't paying attention to it.

RE: Confrontation - Lilith Rey - 29 Jan 2019

When Max came into her office without being paged in, Lilith arched a brow as she put down her reports. Normally Lilith wouldn’t have minded Max’s interruption, his input was always appreciated. But today wasn’t one of those days. Lilith was preoccupied, her mind was trying to process everything that transpired as she read over reports as well as the new knowledge she possessed about the universe.
That’s when it kicked in; her senses went haywire as she began to detect something deep within Max. A stone, a precious Hematite stone that brought familiarity to Lilith through her memories of Metaria. But it was also an unfamiliar stone, it wasn’t one of the five that she had sitting in a display case.
What had her precious Beryl been up to? Who was Max?
“Max.” A wry smile appeared on her features as she stood. She could hear the cries of her personal secretary as she was trying to do her job. But it was futile when it concerned Max. “I’m the Mayor, Max, I know everything.”
It was a lie, of course. She didn’t know everything, but in this particular case she had. She’d known what created the blackout and Max was one of the few who she’d share that knowledge with besides Queen Beryl herself.
That was, if she was able to find her. Wherever Metaria was to linger, Beryl was surely not too far along. It was part of her curse, Beryl would always belong to Metaria after she sold her soul to the devil.
“Darkness,” Lilith informed him as a small amount of dark energy began to form in the palm of her fingertips. “The return of darkness that could create turmoil for Wiseman himself.”
Her features were firm, yet the wry smile that remained on her features as she walked towards Max was unnatural for Lilith.  
“My darkness, Hematite.” She gazed at him nonchalantly. “I am Queen Metaria.”

RE: Confrontation - Maximilian Chase - 30 Jan 2019

"If only you knew how to stop the guardians and that queen of theirs." Rolling his eyes at the thought of them, Max always did appreciate Lilith's confidence, it was one of the things that the two of them shared, but when it came to the guardians, well, they were both at a loss. Even when Max was surrounded by the Dark Kingdom, he still felt at a loss when it came to the guardians, with the powers they possessed, they couldn't be taken lightly, as they had shown many times over in the past.

Hands in the pockets of his black slacks, Max wasn't entirely sure why he was here, but he had just had a strange feeling that he needed to see Lilith today. Yes, he wanted to know if Lilith knew what had gone on, but he also just felt like he needed to see Lilith for some other reason too, and he couldn't explain it. Thankfully, he wouldn't need to wonder for long, as Lilith's face seemed to change, not her face itself, but there was a darker look to her eyes, a smugger appearance to her mouth.

Just as Max was about to make a smartass comment about everyone knowing that darkness had caused the blackout, darkness literally appeared in Lilith's hand. A look of confusion crossed Max's features, his eyebrows coming together, unsure of what to make of the situation. Lilith had powers? This whole time? And yet, Max's own powers did nothing. Waiting for his danger precognition to kick in, to alert him to the danger, Max felt nothing, and it made sense, he had never felt that Lilith was a threat before, so why would he now?

And if Lilith wasn't a threat, then she was still someone he could trust. "Metaria? So you're the one that Beryl is so afraid of."

Beryl had told the knights about their missing queen, and had warned them not to anger their queen, and to work on ways to gather energy for Metaria when she returned. "Is this when I bow or something? I was never very good at that part with Beryl."

RE: Confrontation - Lilith Rey - 31 Jan 2019

Oh how naïve Max was.
Lilith chuckled lowly at his remark. Now with the power of Metaria within the palm of her hands, her very being transformed into something that could send the cosmos into utter turmoil. It was something she longed for, something that she’d now realized that she’d been missing. The path that she’d chosen within her life to become the Mayor of the City of Orlando were all destined.
With that power, she was able to infiltrate the Crystal Palace and make it crumble from within. The Crystal Palace was a mysterious structure that she was still studying, but Lilith was still permitted entry into the crystal fortress.  
Max’s look of confusion was greeted with nonchalance. She knew who Max was, he  was someone who sold his soul at one point in his life to darkness. Why else would he have a hematite stone for a soul? She merely smiled, playing with the dark energy that formed at her fingertips. She wouldn’t touch Max with it, but just being able to feel that darkness again was something that brought Lilith happiness.
“That fool Beryl wouldn’t be a thing without me.” Lilith said callously. “She has every reason to be afraid of me. If you know where she is take me to her.”
There would be no ands, ifs or buts about this, Lilith wanted to finally meet the Beryl in the flesh. What had she become since their last incarnation? It hadn’t been so long ago, but the stars had once again aligned and destined them with a third chance. It was one that they absolutely could not fail, would the universe grant them yet another chance?
“The Dark Kingdom is rightfully mine, Max. It was never Beryl’s.” Lilith informed him sternly. “Bow? I expect you to stand at my side as a proper knight. Beryl….I expect her to bow.” And if she hadn’t? Well, Lilith would bring her to her knees one way or another. Lilith was still regenerating, but whether or not the Black Moon wanted to admit it, they were helping her fuel her energy as darkness continued to grow within Orlando.
“Tell me, Max, who are you now? I sense your power within, that precious Hematite. What is your rank?”

RE: Confrontation - Maximilian Chase - 31 Jan 2019

Suddenly Max realized why he had felt compelled to come here, he was coming to find Metaria, the queen of the Dark Kingdom that had yet to be incarnated, or at least, yet to be found. However, as Max stood within the office he had stood in several times, he knew the truth, without even having to ask. Metaria hadn't been incarnated yet, because the woman who stood in front of him wasn't Lilith. They were similar, they both had a confidence about them that was undeniable, but this person in front of him now, she was different than Lilith. Her facial expressions were different, they were darker, and following the blackout of an entire city, Max could only shudder at the thought of the person who upset this new woman.

"I'm sure she's in the middle of investigating the blackout, but what an irony that it was you and she's spent so much time looking for you. If you know anything about what Lilith knew, then you already know Beryl, she's Malin, your chief of police."

Here had been Beryl, searching so long for Metaria, and Max merely stumbled upon the queen of the Dark Kingdom by chance. Perhaps it wasn't chance at all, perhaps it had been destined that he had met and befriended Lilith, until the time would come that Metaria appeared. Either way, Metaria was here now. Pulling out his phone, Max called Malin, though he wasn't too surprised when it went to her voicemail. Beryl did not appreciate being interrupted when she was in the middle of something as big as the blackout, and there was no doubt that she assumed any interruption from the knights was unimportant. "You might want to call me back, I found our queen." Leaving the voicemail as vague as possible, Max hung up the phone and shrugged his shoulders to Metaria.

"No answer." Beryl hadn't mentioned the specifics of her relationship with Metaria before this Dark Kingdom had come about, and from the way Metaria spoke about Beryl, Max wasn't sure he should be asking questions and getting in the middle of it all. There was clearly some stuff the two women needed to talk about. Himself, however, was a topic he could talk about, since he was an expert.

"I am sure that you will find what I can do to be more interesting than who I am." Holding out a hand, Max's black suit vanished and was replaced with dark armor with a purple accent, a double-bladed naginata appearing in his left hand as he wrapped his fingers around the body. Moving away from the window he leaned on, Hematite held one end of the weapon out towards the desk, sliding the blade under a paperweight that sat on the corner of the desk. Using the blade to toss the paperweight into the air, Hematite quickly twirled the blade, slicing through the paperweight with the opposite of the weapon, turning the object into dust as it sprinkled down onto the edge of the desk and surrounding floor.

RE: Confrontation - Lilith Rey - 01 Feb 2019

Well, Lilith didn’t know that she’d caused the blackout at first when it started, but she wouldn’t openly admit that just yet. Lilith was prideful, therefore knowing that she was responsible for a city-wide incident that sent the Crystal Palace haywire searching for answers made things that much more intriguing. Just who would suspect the Mayor of this precious city to be responsible for such an incident?
No one.
Well, not unless there were conspiracy theorists who were likely to rise up during a crisis. Fortunately Lilith hadn’t heard any just yet.
Lilith shrugged when she heard Max’s remark about how Malin was searching ‘oh so hard’ for her. She’d better have some solid proof on that matter, such as the collection of energy ready to share with Lilith. She was eager for it, she was eager to see her darkness grow massively once again just as it had during the time of the Silver Millennium.
“I hope she can prove her loyalty.” Lilith said nonchalantly, gazing out towards the window nearby. “The reformation of the Dark Kingdom is a start. But knowing that Malin is my darling Beryl is definitely fate.”
Perhaps this time fate had been on their side. They were both in positions of power, what better way to take down the monarchy?
 “I am still Lilith, Max. But I see things clearer now. I see what needs to be done in order to restore proper order to the city, the Earth as a whole.” She wouldn’t go much further into depth than that, but Lilith fully intended on corrupting Earthlings just like she had in the past. The blackout was just the start of things, a bad omen.
 When Max moved to call Malin, she shook her head disappointingly. Just how important was this blackout to her? Did she truly care that much about what happened to a city governed by the moon?  Lilith knew that they’d still have to do their jobs, she couldn’t outright abandon her post as Mayor and she fully intended to use it to her advantage in the war against the White Moon. But if there was a summons from the Dark Kingdom, that should have been more important. Things would change in time.
“Well, let’s head out and find her, then. Or you can take me to our kingdom’s headquarters. I’m curious to know what Malin’s done with the place…. Is it still a castle of darkness?” Lilith asked, reminiscing about the underground castle as Max turned into Hematite.
A smirk appeared on her features as she observed his technique. “Impressive. But you’re not just a swordsman are you?”

RE: Confrontation - Maximilian Chase - 02 Feb 2019

Raising an eyebrow as Lilith continued to show some disdain towards Malin, Max wasn't sure that it was a good time for him to ask about the story, and yet, he couldn't help but be curious. What was the history between the two women? That had to be an intense story. "What's the story between you two? How did you even meet?" What started the Dark Kingdom? It wasn't something Max had ever cared about before, until now, and he suddenly realized that he didn't know the whole story of the very group he partook in.

"You have access to the entire city, Mayor. What do you have in mind?" Could anyone have ever guessed that the mayor would be their leader? Max certainly didn't, and he had been friends with Lilith, he had just recently gone out to dinner with this woman, and now she was his queen instead of just a distant colleague fighting for the liberation of the city from the guardians. Of course, Sera was part of those guardians, and Max wasn't certain what to make of that situation now. The darkness, however, had brought the two of them closer together, which was ironic, since Max was looking at the source of the darkness right now.

The first meeting with Metaria was hardly what Max had expected it to be, especially as she kept an even tone with him, but Max knew better than to upset her and not deliver what she wanted. Well, until she took him by surprise again and mentioned a castle. "Castle of darkness? Um..." Max found himself at a loss for words to explain the truth, finding himself in strange territory. Max had been a lawyer, it had literally been his job to never stumble over his words, because the fate of a person always rested on his words. "Do you consider an abandoned warehouse a castle of darkness?" Perhaps they had different definitions of what a castle was...

Knowing that he couldn't simply explain himself to their leader, Max transformed into his knight form, turning a paperweight into dust, demonstrating one of his most powerful powers. Reverting back to his normal form, Max looked at Lilith in silence for a moment. "I like to consider myself more useful than just my weapon, but I cannot say that the Dark Kingdom sees me as much else. Well, all of us, really. We're knights and we are our powers." Was that an appropriate answer? Max hoped it was.

RE: Confrontation - Lilith Rey - 04 Feb 2019

What was their story?
Lilith remained silent for a moment, turning her head away as she thought about it. Her arms crossed as she reminisced about the past. Beryl was a good pawn, but not now. She was no better than any of the Generals during the Silver Millennium. Beryl failed her twice.
She had every nerve to revoke the woman’s title and demote her.
“It dates back to the Silver Millennium, when my being was released from the sun’s solar rays and landed on Earth. I found her…. A little servant woman on Earth who longed to be with the Prince and sought vengeance on the Princess. I granted her power and she did my bidding. But she failed me….twice.” Lilith looked to Max then, her dark hues firm s she intended to make this very clear.
“I am sick of failures Max, I won’t tolerate it any longer. The cosmos has gifted us with a third chance to succeed in our mission. She lost me my Generals and I won’t lose any more people in my kingdom.” Her fists clutched, darkness dispersed from within her grip.
“We had a castle, Max. A marvelous castle during the Silver Millennium that remained untouched even during present times until those pesky Sailor Guardians destroyed it. A warehouse…..” Lilith shook her head disappointingly. “A warehouse is not what our kingdom was. How pathetic.”
Lilith continued to observe Max’s power demonstration. She understood why he was trying to be careful, this was her office. Moving closer to Max, Lilith placed a palm on his shoulder. “We are nothing more than weapons of darkness in the eyes of the White Moon. We intend on changing that and reminding them of what darkness truly is and why people succumb to it. Darkness is natural….it is a part of life. Even the Queen and her precious Guardians have suffered from darkness at one point in their lives, no matter how much they try to ignore it….war is darkness.”

RE: Confrontation - Maximilian Chase - 05 Feb 2019

Listening to the story of the past between Metaria and Beryl left Max more confused than before. All of this, over a guy? It sounded dumb to Max, it wasn't like Beryl was even in a relationship with the guy, she just had a crush on him, and she went absolutely insane it sounded like. And yet, she had carried the anger with her all these years.

"Of course she failed, she wasn't even in a relationship with him, how could you possibly stay motivated over something that was nothing more than a crush? But now there's a more pressing problem, the queen's immortality. Who is she to decide who deserves to live forever and who isn't worth living?"

Would it have made a difference in his father's death if he had been immortal? Probably not, Max had seen enough people come into his courtroom for murdering others with the gift, but still, it didn't seem right for one person to decide who did and didn't deserve such a thing.

"It sounds like things were better before. Now it's just a few meetings in a warehouse, and since no one can agree on anything, it's everyone for themselves. The powers are nice, but even I know enough about the guardians to know they can't be defeated if none of us get along." Not that Max was trying very hard on his part to bring everyone together, he knew they were fractured and broken, but he just couldn't bring himself to follow the ridiculous plans that some of the other knights suggested.

Glancing to Lilith's hand when she placed it on his shoulder, Max's gaze moved back to her face. "So can you bring that darkness back? I wasn't prepared for it and couldn't do anything during the blackout, but if we plan for it next time, then we'll have the advantage."