Sailor Moon won the battle against Sailor Galaxia, wishing her and her friends to be reborn together after Guardian Cosmos granted her a wish. Guardian Cosmos resurrected them in Infinity City, Florida, where they continued to enjoy their lives with their memories and relationships intact.

The Earth had been at peace for nearly 12 years afterwards. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask decided to marry, and as an unexpected consequence for their marriage, it triggered the beginning of the Crystal Millennium.

Forming out of nowhere in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of the Bermuda Triangle, a landmass magically surfaced from the depths of the sea. It became known as the Crystal City, its materials made purely out of Silver Crystal.

With their marriage, it signaled that Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask were to become Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, the rulers of Earth. The light from their marriage touched the stars throughout the galaxy, and it could be sensed from the far reaches of even the Osmanthus system.

Earthlings were uninformed of life outside Earth up until this point in time. They were suspicious and investigative, believing that governments around the globe were hiding knowledge of alien life. The White Moon had abruptly invaded their territory, claiming Earth for its own – and not by their choice, but the Solar System’s own.

In efforts to appease Earthlings, Neo Queen Serenity decided to reveal the identities of the Sailor Guardians to them. They wanted to ensure them that they were humans too, with special powers and duties bound to protect Earth.

It didn’t appease humans.

Black Moon

Some Earthlings took a stand and rebelled, claiming that Earth belonged to humans. The first rebel group that formed nicknamed themselves the Black Moon. Its leader, a human male who with patience had obtained the power of the stars, Wiseman, had revived crime and murder that had been unseen within a decade. Wiseman desired to create civil war amongst Earthlings and the White Moon.

The United States government hadn’t anticipated Wiseman and began to work closely with the White Moon. They learned that the Black Moons had also somehow acquired powers and were forcing Earthlings to join their cause. In efforts to restore some peace, Neo Queen Serenity bestowed Earthlings the gift of immortality, which the Black Moon didn’t take kindly to. They believed it was blasphemous to God to change the lifespan of a human being, and further used it to promote their propaganda.


A secondary landmass had also surfaced from the depths of the sea. It was the former Golden Kingdom, King Endymion’s original birthplace. Archaeologists immediately flocked to the city in efforts to conduct research on its ruins, which stunningly, the interior of the structures were untouched with time. It provided much insight to Earth as a whole.

Using the power of the Golden Crystal, King Endymion resurrected the Four Heavenly Kings in efforts to provide aid to the governments around the world, desiring to maintain peace and ensure humans that the White Moon was not the enemy. Little did they know that as the Four Heavenly Kings traveled around the world, Nephrite discovered evidence of the revival of the Dark Kingdom in America.

The Dark Kingdom, led by the newly resurrected Queen Beryl, desires to obtain the Silver Crystal for themselves and has accepted the Silver Crystal's gift of immortality. They've become a rival to the Black Moon.

As the Sailor Soldiers work on trying to maintain the peace, as well as combating Wiseman, what will the Dark Kingdom's revival bring?

2031, Crystal City.


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