ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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  • The Pantheon originates from the Silver Millennium
  • Deities were the governing body of the Silver Millennium
  • Heralds were either the Sailor Guardians or Knights of the Silver Millennium and were the predecessor of the Sol Guardians and Knights.
  • Augurs may have been a combination of priests and consorts to the deities and served as informants to the Heralds.
  • When the Sol Guardians and Knights became the Solar System’s protectors, the Heralds and Augurs went to form the Osmanthus system, which is the home of the Galactica.
  • Were revived February 2031, with Hades being the first.


In efforts to not rehash the story of the Silver Millennium in another article, we have written around those events for this article. If you would like to read about the canon Silver Millennium please see the Crystal Empire.

Before Silver Millennium

Long ago, deities existed in a higher dimension that was moments away from ending its lifespan. In efforts for preservation, Chronos created a new dimension in the form of an explosion: The Big Bang, which would create space-time.

Darkness was the first thing that would be seen, and Chaos would become the very first being that was willed into the dimension’s existence. Light would soon follow the darkness, creating a new entity who called herself Cosmos.

Together, Cosmos and Chaos would govern the new dimension under the guidance of Chronos. Cosmos created the Galaxy Cauldron and brought life into the dimension and was tasked with guiding new life. Chaos was meant to act as the Galaxy Cauldron’s protector, ensuring that no one defiled it.

Through marriage with Chaos, Cosmos gave birth to Queen Serenity (Selene) and Queen Nehellenia. Unable to care for them entirely due to their responsibilities, Cosmos and Chaos left them as babies on the moon in the care of another. For Selene, she was left in the care of her Herald, Pandia; and for Nehellenia, she was left in the care of Zirconia.

The first planetary deities were born when Cosmos gave life to the planet's heart and the planet willed their rulers into existence, making these deities as powerful as Queen Selene and Queen Nehellenia. They were the rightful rulers of their respective worlds, quite unlike Queen Selene and Queen Nehellenia, who were immigrants to the Solar System.

Rise and Fall

The Solar System was the first populated system of the new dimension, and as life flourished and the deities governed their worlds, it wasn’t until roughly millions of years later that Queen Selene would begin to form the Silver Millennium. The Silver Millennium was a pact between the planets where they would unify, providing aid to each other to combat darkness.

Having been born within the darkness, Chaos was beginning to crave the darkness once more. There was too much light for its liking, too many people affiliated with the purity of Cosmos. Chaos sought to change that and began to seek out those with darker intentions and manipulate them. Chaos began with their daughter, Queen Nehellenia, and lured her to the darkness.

Eventually, the deities Aphrodite, Hermes and Zeus would be affiliated with the darkness, committing crimes in the name of Chaos. This would mark the start of the downfall of the Silver Millennium with the loss of several key deities, but the inevitable fall of the Silver Millennium only came to fruition after Queen Nehellenia's curse which saw the birth of Queen Metaria.

Chronos was forced to seal away the deities Aphrodite, Hermes, and Zeus, shortly after the births of their children. Heralds and Augurs who may have become chaotic affiliated because of the influences of Aphrodite, Hermes and Zeus were also sealed. While some were left in the care of the Augurs until they became of appropriate age to vow allegiance to Princess Serenity, others were adopted by other families who would become the new rulers of Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter.

At the time, Selene was the consort of Hades, the God of the Underworld, who was originally meant to be solely assigned to the Sailor Graveyard at Sagittarius Zero Star. This incarnation of Hades was pure of heart, uncorrupted by Chaos’s influence, and it was he who would become the father of Princess Serenity.

Chronos would will into existence a daughter, Sailor Pluto, who would become the Princess of Pluto. When she became of age, Sailor Pluto was to be assigned to the Space-Time Door in efforts to protect the timestream from being meddled with.

The assignment to the Space-Time Door did not settle well with neither Selene nor Chronos’s herald, Aion. Aion may have even preferred to offer to be in the young Sailor Pluto’s place, but it went against the desires of Chronos, believing that his heir was suitable for the job.

Chronos would soon assign Hades to the planet Nemesis, in efforts to keep the remaining Gods close by, rather than keep Hades at the Sailor Graveyard where he rightfully belonged while on duty. Unfortunately, it was a move that was met with dire consequences as Hades was never meant to be assigned to a planet. His heart became darker within a matter of months, where he would become sealed within Nemesis forever by Chronos.

This wasn’t taken lightly by Selene but she could not deny Chronos’s whim. She believed that there was still goodness in Hades, and that it was Chronos’s mistake that led Hades down the chaotic path. In only two months after the incident, Selene would give birth to Princess Serenity, who she became vehemently protective of.

Satre, the parent of Sailor Saturn and ruler of the planet Saturn, would make a pact to Selene where not only they, but also their consort and daughter would be put into a deep sleep. They were only meant to awaken if destruction was inevitable, and thus Saturn was under the rulership and protection of Saturn’s Herald and Sol Knight throughout the Silver Millennium.

Once the Sol Guardians renewed their vows to the newly born Princess Serenity, the Heralds and Augurs departed from the Silver Millennium, believing their usefulness had ended. Led by Selene’s Herald, Sailor Pandia, some of the remaining Heralds and Augurs would form the Osmanthus system. (See Heralds for additional information)

This only continued to influence Chaos more as darkness was easier to influence without the aids of the Heralds and Augurs. Gaea, in efforts to protect her people from Chaos’s manipulation, would enact God’s Law, which forbade anyone of the Silver Millennium to interact with Earth. She desired to insist on neutrality between the orders of Chaos and Cosmos.

Closer to the downfall of the Silver Millennium, darkness was detected on Earth, and Selene would insist on sending her planetary knights to provide aid. Reluctantly, Gaea agreed, but it did not prevent the fall of the Silver Millennium.

Once the Silver Millennium had fallen and Selene unleashed the powers of the Silver Crystal, all the deities were sealed away or had perished. It was only after the fall that Saturn’s Herald, Titan, would leave the Silver Millennium and travel to Osmanthus to govern Kinmoku’s moon, Healer.


Queen Nehellenia’s purification was key to unsealing the Pantheon. Members of the Pantheon may have been reborn with or without memories, roaming the Earth in new forms. Those who were sealed away by Chronos may still be at the whim of Chaos, and even Chronos has found himself at odds with the unsealing of the deities.

Hades being the first deity to be unsealed, had unsealed Satre and Hyperion – the former rulers of the planet Saturn to further his goals. Whether the two members agree to aid Hades is unknown.

What could the future bring in the conflict between the Crystal Empire and Galactica versus the Dark Alliance? Could Hades and the other Chaotic deities aim to strengthen the Dark Alliance’s forces, and just how fragile are those who were reborn without memories to be lured to the chaotic side?


Naming Conventions

Now that they are in modern times, all Pantheon would have modern names for their civilian persona. When you register an account for them on the site, please register with their first and last name utilizing the ethnicity’s naming conventions chosen for them.

It should also be emphasized that when you are referencing your characters, please do not confuse them with the Shades, as we understand that they have similar names to the Deities on this site. This is why we emphasize the importance of using their titles, e.g “Deity Aphrodite” would be more appropriate than “Aphrodite” when referencing the actual deity.

Gender Identity

In efforts to provide options to their roles, we allow our members to choose the gender identity of said deity. If you desire to genderbend the deity, e.g. Ares could be a female, you can! However, if the role specifies that they must be of a certain gender identity, please abide by it! It is not negotiable.

Revived, Unsealed, or Reborn?

The Pantheon are a combination of revived, unsealed, or reborn, and it all boils down to what their status was during the Silver Millennium.

For example, Satre and their consort Hyperion were sealed during the Silver Millennium, only to be unsealed by Hades, therefore they never perished and are their original selves. Whereas Queen Selene among many others had perished at the end of the Silver Millennium, only to be reborn with or without memories of who they once were. How quickly they may regain their memories ultimately depends on the player’s own actions.

It should be emphasized that no deity, Herald or Augur are at their full strength due to the prolonged amount of time that they have been inactive. While they may be several tiers above many characters, they are not undefeatable, and some of the unsealed may even be wearing limiters to prevent themselves from becoming overpowered. Chronos is among the few deities who will always be wearing a limiter.

Please note: it should be emphasized that Eternal has several concepts of sealing, which being put into a comatose state is not the same type of sealing as being imprisoned.


All Pantheon have human appearances, even during the Silver Millennium, as per canon. Depending on how you bring them into play ultimately depends if they’ve undergone an appearance change.

For example, Satre and their consort, Hyperion, along with the deities Chronos, Hermes, Aphrodite and Zeus and Hades would appear as they were during the Silver Millennium, and potentially be recognizable depending on whether or not the character in question has full memory of the Silver Millennium.

Other characters would have been reborn and may have undergone a change in appearance.


Being the first to be willed into existence comes at a price: at their full power, a Deity can be a great threat to the universe and the very fabric of reality itself. It was Chronos who came up with and decided upon the use of limiters, speaking with each Deity and getting their agreement. Once in place, there is little that can be done to remove the limiter and the only official means of doing so is by the hand of Chronos or Cosmos.

Bear in mind that the Deities were at the height of their power during the Silver Millennium. Within the modern age, regardless of being reborn or unsealed, Deities are without the full extent of their powers (this can be said of the Heralds and Augurs as well). Not even Chronos, the Almighty God of Space-Time, is at full strength currently. Chaos, who operates unchecked, and Cosmos, who remains unseen, seem to be at full power.

When a Deity does not have memories of their former life and is unable to wield their powers as a result, they will not have a limiter. Once they wield their powers for the first time, a limiter will form involuntarily. Limiters can be various types of jewelry, e.g. earrings, chokers, necklaces, bracelets, rings, or anklets to name a few. Limiters may take on the aura color of said Deity and when corrupted can darken and emit sparks of Chaos. Unfortunately, this does mean that a Deity must wear their limiter even in their civilian form, but thankfully they can make the limiter invisible at will.

There are no known situations that a Deity is capable of breaking their own limiter. Doing so could lead to the Deity destroying themselves as it draws steadily upon their own power and they would, essentially, see their own power destroy them. Through working with Chaos, however, Hades has discovered a method in which to break his limiter but this cannot be achieved by any other Deity currently and Hades does not look to be removing limiters from others any time soon.

Ageing and Immortality

All Pantheon are expected to be within their late thirties, early forties, and preferably within their fifties. Remember: these characters are meant to be the originals, and they are therefore expected to be older than the Sailor Guardians themselves.

We will not accept any deity, Herald or Augur to be under the age of thirty, unless they are a series canon (e.g. Helios). However! Some exceptions may be made if the player can present a plot idea to staff to make them being younger acceptable.

Whether or not they have obtained immortality ultimately depends on their status as either reborn, revived or unsealed. If they were unsealed, these characters are ultimately immortal, and nothing can take it away from them.

If they were reborn or revived, depending on the character’s status as pure of heart or chaotic will ultimately affect whether or not they have immortality.

Siring Children

The Outer Guardians were the first amongst the deity’s children to be born, followed by the Inner Guardians, and then Princess Serenity being the last one. Even Prince Endymion, the son of Gaea, was born before her.

Because of their position as Gods and Goddesses, they may have given birth to their children through unnatural means. They may have willed them into existence, and thusly are their parent by extension, but they all would have been born as babies and endured each stage of humanity.

Alternatively, it should be noted that some deities may have chosen to have their children through natural means with their lover. This is entirely up to you, their player, and their player of the Sailor Guardian. We are preferring to be flexible in this regard in order to allow players to choose the gender identity of the deity and consort.

Star Seed Types

Upon the creation of the Pantheon, each of them bore stronger Star Seeds compared to the most recent generation of planetary protectors, who bear primarily crystalline seeds in their hearts. With diamonds being the top tier, corundum secondary, and topaz tertiary in the hardness scale.

Don’t let this fool you – Augurs may at times be just as strong as their Herald or deity counterparts. This is primarily due to the fact that they are the original generation of Star Seeds, and only as time passed did their seeds eventually evolve into crystal seeds.

  • Deities bear seeds made from diamonds in various colors.
  • Heralds bear seeds made from corundum in various colors.
  • Augurs bear seeds made from topaz in various colors.


Chronos, the Almighty God of Space-Time has absolute power within the universe. Underneath him are Cosmos and Chaos, respectively, though the former two deities do not normally engage in political affairs. Chaos, on the other hand, has been known to meddle in efforts to generate darkness, and many deities take Chaos less seriously politically.

All Pantheon submit to the whim of Chronos. Chronos governs the universe under two simple rules: do not stop time and do not time travel. So long as those two simple rulers are not crossed, Chronos does not intervene.

The Silver Alliance

The Silver Alliance, the pride of Queen Selene when she took the throne of the Silver Millennium, was the collective effort to protect and unify the Solar System. All Pantheon, excluding Earth’s own, were part of Alliance. Through the Alliance they also shared their knowledge, culture, trade, and more.

They were ensured that they would have obtained the protection of the Alliance, should harm ever befall upon their planet. When the fall of the Silver Millennium came, it was each planet that stood up to defend the Solar System from the Dark Kingdom’s threats.


February 2031 saw the revival of the Pantheon, and each of them may have their own missions within the game. It ultimately depends on their affiliations, memory, and purity or corruption.

Corrupted Pantheon may be working alongside Hades as he strives to achieve his own private goals, as well as working at the will of Chaos. Some Pantheon may even find themselves joining the Dark Alliance, ensuring their success as they combat their purified teammates. Many corrupted individuals have a personal vendetta against Chronos, the Almighty God of Space-Time.

Pantheon who are purified may attempt to restore balance within their ranks, aiming to provide aid to the Crystal Empire and Galactica in efforts to strengthen their forces in the name of Cosmos. If they remember who they are, they may strive to further educate their successors and potentially take over their political affairs should they desire.


Deities are allowed to have 6 powers or abilities (you may mix and match!) when it comes to creation. Keep in mind that they may not have the full scope of their powers, in part due to the limiter placed upon them and to only recently being unsealed or awakening to the truth of who they are.

As additional aside, Deities also have what some might consider a flaw--or even a weakness--that can negatively impact them in some way. An example of this is the fact that Hades cannot kill someone unless they are destined to die by his hand as he is bound by The Fates. This is listed with the powers!

Heralds and Augurs can have up to 5 powers or abilities.


Amnesia is unfortunately a consequence for some Pantheon, depending on your desires. Should a character have amnesia revolving around their Silver Millennium history, they may work to regain their memories should they encounter individuals familiar with their identities.


Be aware that Eternal is a character and plot development driven game, and each of your actions is what we revolve the plot around. We purposefully keep our factions open ended for this reason, therefore as Hades may have his own goals, so would Selene when she begins to regain her memory. Even Gaea, the Goddess of Earth and Endymion’s mother, could potentially hate what Earth has become—it ultimately depends on you!


Along with the creation of the deities came the Heralds, who would act as not only their protectors, but also defended their planets during the formation of the Solar System. The Heralds were the first Sailor Guardians and Knights willed into existence by Cosmos, and they were not related to their deity by blood. In fact, they came into existence similarly to the way the deities of the Solar System had, except their power was lesser in status to their companion deity.

When the Augurs needed order reinstated for whatever reason, the Augurs would summon the Heralds to bring about justice. The Heralds acted as the first line of contact to their deity, who would only be summoned if it were absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately, because of them not being direct descendants to their deity, it meant that they were not a de facto Sailor Guardian or Knight to their planet. Eventually, this was realized when the deities gave birth to their own children, who would become the rightful Sailor Guardians affiliated with their planetary bodies.

From there, the planetary bodies also sent out True Star Seeds to select individuals who would eventually become the Sol Knights. Whether or not the Sol Knights were related to their Guardian depended on certain conditions at the time of their birth, but it didn’t make them related when they were reborn in the future.

Osmanthus System

Because of the birth of the Sol Guardians, the Heralds and some of the Augur's left the Solar System and began a new planetary system, believing that their time as protectors was over. This new system was eventually named Osmanthus, which would be led by Selene’s Herald, Pandia, who would become the first ruler of Kinmoku.

Unfortunately, the Heralds were once again, not the de facto Sailor Guardians or Knights of these planets, but were able to trigger these planetary bodies to summon their own Sailor Guardians and Knights. Under their guidance, the Sailor Guardians and Knights of the Osmanthus system would become the next heirs of their planetary system.

In efforts to demonstrate that their allegiance to the Solar System, the Herald Pandia instructed Augur Hephaestus to select two felines from Mau who would become the advisors to Queen Selene. Coronis also selected its own advisors, Phobos and Deimos, to be sent to advise Sailor Mars.

The advisors would continue to live out their lives within the Solar System, even keeping the Osmanthus system informed of events with the approval of their deities.

Unfortunately, after the fall of the Silver Millennium, how the Osmanthus system formed only became myths and legends to their people. As millennia passed, their ties to the Solar System were long-since forgotten, until a young Princess Fireball fled to the Solar System, believing in the myths of her people.

Affiliated Osmanthus Planets

  • Pandia (Selene's Herald) would become the the first Imperial Queen of Kinmoku
  • Hephaestus (Aphrodite's Augur) would become the first ruler of the planet Mau
  • Tartarus (Hades's Augur) would become the first ruler of the planet Cocoon
  • Harmonia (Ares's Herald) would become the first ruler of the planet Coronis
  • Athena (Zeus's Herald) would become the first ruler of the Chuu
  • Titan (Satre's Herald) would govern Kinmoku’s moon, Healer
  • Crius (Caelum's Herald) would govern Kinmoku’s moon, Fighter
  • Triton (Poseidon's Herald) would become the first ruler of the planet Mermaid
  • Merope (Hermes Augur) would govern Kinmoku’s moon, Maker.


As the deities began to flourish, their powers growing and their presence felt within the fledgling universe, a problem arose: they could not always understand or relate to mortal beings (and more) that called their respective domains home.

In an attempt to ensure that the deities would not lose the very connections that kept them grounded and in touch with the world around them, Cosmos willed into being the Augurs. Some of these individuals were born of Cosmos' will, others yet were chosen among the existing population, their strong connection to both the people and their deity flourishing into something more.

Augurs often stood in the place of a deity, providing the people with someone more easily approachable than an all-powerful being. They would listen to what was said, ensuring that petitions and more reached where they needed to. Often was the case, however, that the Augurs could act as well, carrying out the will of the deity as they saw fit to help the people. They were just as responsible to ensure that the wisdom and messages the deities wished to convey reached the people, thus giving rise to them being referred to High Priest/ess by many.

Over time, temples and shrines were often built to house where the Augurs stayed, though some preferred land under open sky where people could gather. In these places offerings and tithes could be brought to pay homage to the deity. While this did not necessarily earn more (or less) favor with the deities themselves, such things helped enable the Augurs to continue to look after the people and land that they resided upon.

What happened to the Augurs at the end of the Silver Millenium varies. Some went to sleep alongside their deity counterparts, others traveled to the Osmanthus System (see the Heralds tab for more information about this), and more yet may have fallen or died due to reasons unknown. It is worth noting that in some cases, the status of Augur could--and has--passed down from parent to child, though this is not the case for all.


Some, but not all, of the deities eventually took partners and these were--more often than not--the very Augurs that served them. These close relationships enabled some Augurs to have a more robust connection, ensuring that they were not only more in tune with the sphere of influence of the deity but their way of thinking and will.

This does not necessarily mean that they were more powerful than other Augurs, simply that when it came to understanding the whims and thought processes of the deities, they were better equipped to do so.


Often was the case that Augurs--especially those that were not Consorts--were responsible for keeping and looking after a place that was entirely dedicated to their deity and allowed for visitation from mortals. While it varied from between Augurs, such as some preferring no actual structures and simply having a hidden grove, each felt a calling to the location and would care for it until their eventual departure. Some of these locations still exist, though others have been lost to time and will have to be reformed.

To ensure the protection of such lands, as well as the intimate ties it has to both deity and caretaker, the Augur was capable of sanctifying it with their powers. This means that they were able to 'bless' the area, instilling and ensuring that the location resonated with the power and alignment of the Augur (and their deity). Unless an Augur's sacred land still remains--such as the Moon--it would take time for them to recreate such a space, though doing so would be a huge boon to their deity.

In the current times, this translates as an Augur being able to sanctify areas around themselves as something of a rejuvenating space for potential allies. However, Augurs are capable of being both Chaotic (antagonistic) and Cosmic (pure of heart), and thus the spaces they sanctify will have those alignments and will often repel those that do not match.



The Moon, a once prosperous civilization that was at the helm of the Silver Millennium. Located on the light side of the moon, its architectural style was Greek and Roman influenced. Unlike the other planets, the Moon Kingdom’s population was diverse as it was the epicenter of the Silver Millennium. Those of Lunarian blood were known to feature lighter hair tones such as silver, white, and blonde. Lunarians were also known for their healing, calming auras; their ability to be kind and gentle, and strong values for life. Due to their connection to the Earth, Lunarians were stronger at night, and may have found water to be comforting and empowering.











Sagittarius Zero Star

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