ETERNAL is a SAILOR MOON roleplay set the fictional Crystal Empire territories in the United States. We’re a plot and character driven site set after Sailor Moon Stars, during the rise of the Crystal Empire. The deities who governed the planets in the Silver Millennium are beginning to return as magic is slowly making itself known once more to humans. We’re rated L3/S3/V3, use real life face claims, and have been ongoing since JULY 10TH, 2018.
April 2031
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Crystal Empire


  • Were reborn in the 21st Century as Earthlings.
  • Found their way to Infinity City if they lived somewhere else prior to the series.
  • The entire series takes place 2010 through 2013.
  • King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity rose to power on June 30th, 2018.
  • Crystal City resurfaced from the sea during August 2018 and became Earth’s capitol.
  • Elysion resurfaces from the sea on August 25th, 2018.
  • Neo Queen Serenity revealed the identities of all of the Crystal Empire to the world in efforts to ensure trust.
  • The Heavenly Kings were resurrected by King Endymion on March 15th, 2020 by King Endymion. Each Heavenly King became ambassadors of their respective continents.
  • Neo Queen Serenity bestowed immortality to Earthlings on May 20th, 2020.
  • Sailor Jupiter formed the Queen’s Guard, and by extension, the King’s Guard began.


Silver Millennium

The Silver Millennium was an era of peace and prosperity, where the planets of the Solar System were inhabited and governed by individual monarchies. The capitol of the Solar System, Earth’s moon Luna, was the brightest star in the Solar System.

Queen Serenity ruled the Solar System after uniting the planets under the Silver Alliance. She gave birth to one heir – Princess Serenity – and assigned the princesses of the Inner Solar System to become her guardians. The Outer Solar System princesses would soon become the guardians of the Solar System, protecting the system from invaders.

On the day that Queen Serenity would reveal Princess Serenity to the Silver Alliance, Queen Nehellenia appeared before the court uninvited, placing a curse on Princess Serenity that foretold that she would never live to see her throne. Queen Serenity then sealed Queen Nehellenia away using the power of the Silver Crystal for the next 1,000 years.

Ever since then, the Silver Millennium was mostly one of peace. God’s Law was enacted as the Earth refused to partake in the Silver Alliance, their distrust in them overseeing their movements clear. During the time of the Silver Millennium, the Earth was at 1,000 AD and moving onto the Middle Ages. Magic and the supernatural were not unheard of to the humans of this time, but that didn't make them any less distrustful of their extraterrestrial neighbors, who sought to guide the people of Earth on the correct course for light. They looked to the Earth's capitol city, Elysion and its royal family, for protection from extraterrestrial forces as they were the only ones with the true power capable of combating their foes.

Chaos saw this as an opportunity and would then use the next sixteen years to develop its scheme. Queen Metaria, the result of Queen Nehellenia’s curse, was beginning to show destructive signs within the radioactive sun.

Queen Serenity, observant as ever on the sun, saw the activity and requested that the knights of the Inner Solar System were to be deployed to Earth to protect their people. While the King of the Earth didn’t trust Queen Serenity’s words, it was Prince Endymion who implored the Earth King to heed Queen Serenity’s warnings.

The knights Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter were sent to aid in the protection of the Earth Kingdom, to be trained as an Earth Warrior alongside the Heavenly Kings. Queen Serenity hadn’t expected that her own daughter, Princess Serenity, was already beginning to venture to Earth in secret by this time. She fell in love with Prince Endymion, oblivious of the existence of the Sorceress Beryl who was infatuated with him. It was their forbidden love that sparked a bitter hatred from Beryl, who desired to have Prince Endymion for herself.

Queen Metaria was soon freed from the radioactive sun after a solar flare and made her way to Earth. The first person that she met was the Sorceress Beryl, who she promised would get her desires and vengeance against Princess Serenity should she aid her. She then became known as Queen Beryl, the leader of the Dark Kingdom.

Queen Metaria managed to corrupt Earthlings and had them join the Dark Kingdom, including the Golden Kings. A war against the Earth and Moon was sparked, and after the death of Princess Serenity, Prince Endymion and the inner Sailor Guardians, the Moon Kingdom fell to ruin.

Queen Serenity used the last bit of her power to seal Queen Metaria away and defeat Queen Beryl. After their defeat, she had granted rebirth to those who’d fallen during the war. Sailor Saturn was triggered after the death of Queen Serenity, as it meant the Silver Millennium had ended.

Present Day

The Sailor Guardians were granted rebirth in the 20th Century, where through the threads of fate, they were all eventually lured at some point in time to Infinity City.

Their relationships would form canonically, and they’d experience the hardships they endured throughout the series and overcome them. The events of the Dark Kingdom, Black Moon, Infinity, Dream and Stars all happened in the game canonically.

It was after the defeat of Sailor Galaxia where each Sailor Guardian was forced to be reborn where Guardian Cosmos would place a “seal” on their memories. This seal would cause them to not remember anything about their time traveling adventures, let alone Sailor Mini Moon as a whole. The memories where Sailor Mini Moon were present would be “unclear” or “foggy”. While this seal doesn't affect the Amazoness Quartet, who the Crystal Empire remember, they don't recall that they are from the future, destined to protect Sailor Mini Moon.

The seal was done in efforts to protect the time stream, to allow the Crystal Empire to shape its own destiny. Each Sailor Guardian would have been reborn and reunited with one another upon their resurrection, and they were free to pursue a normal life up until the marriage of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion.

Act 7, late February

After a meeting was arranged with the Future Moon, members of the Crystal Empire regained their once forgotten memories of events throughout the series involving Sailor Mini Moon. The reunion was welcomed, and Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion were happy to see their daughter once more.

However, with the matter with the return of Queen Nehellenia, arrangements were made for Helios to be kept protected by the Future Moon and he lived with them for a time. Queen Nehellenia was purified by Neo Queen Serenity and Neo Sailor Moon, and eventually became the ruler and Goddess of the Moon Kingdom, Hecate. The Amazon Trio and Zirconia have become honored members of the Crystal Empire.

With the capture of Saturn Knight instead of Sailor Star Healer after a plan was orchestrated, the Crystal Empire is capable of focusing more on their efforts to purify Sailor Star Healer. Neo Queen Serenity has since met with Queen Fireball and has somewhat restored their relationship.


Court Style: English Court
Political: Democratic principles, absolute authority
Primary Monarch: King Endymion
Queen Regnant: Neo Queen Serenity, Cynthia Lunette
Heir Apparent: Princess Lady Serenity
Capitol: Crystal City


Ageing among the Crystal Court is relatively similar to that of an Earthling, except presumably longer than the 1,000 year estimate due to the power of their Sailor Crystals and True Star Seeds.

Ageing is also dependent on their overall maturity. Once they stop maturing, their ageing will cease at the age that they stopped maturing.


Even after the ascension of King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity, the Sol Guardians have remained in their Eternal stages, but they’re much more powerful than ever before. They transform using the phrase ”___Eternal Power, Make Up!” They have a greater understanding of their attacks and abilities as they’re more in control of their elemental influence, and they’re capable of wielding their attacks from previous stages.

The Heavenly Kings on the other hand possess powers that rival that of an Inner Sol Guardian, and rightfully so, due to their need to protect their King. While Neo Queen Serenity may have lost her ability to transform upon ascension to the throne up until January 2031, King Endymion did not lose his transformation ability as his Guardians hadn’t wavered in loyalty.

Golden Crystal and Silver Crystal

The Golden Crystal and Silver Crystal were destined to become unified. Even during the Silver Millennium, the two crystals called out to each other and rivaled one another in power. Now that King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity have married, that is ever so true.

Upon their marriage, the King and Queen have a greater understanding of each other’s Sailor Crystals, capable of tapping into one another’s and sensing if they’re in danger. They can merge their powers together to become an unstoppable force.

Once Neo Queen Serenity would give birth to Princess Lady Serenity, even she would gain her own Silver Crystal, which would become a unified version of the Golden Crystal and Silver Crystal to later be called the Pink Moon Crystal.



The Queensguard had a rocky start and formed the winter of 2030. It had initially formed when it became apparent that Sailor Venus had been preoccupied with her dreams rather than duty, and Sailor Mars dismissed herself as advisor due to a disagreement with Neo Queen Serenity. Sailor Jupiter had her own argument with Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars, and the Holy Blade would soon transfer ownership to Sailor Jupiter, who would become the new leader of the Inner Guardians.

Sailor Mars did not lose her leadership position amongst the Inner Guardians and would remain second-in-command.

Sailor Jupiter had realized that the Sailor Guardians were focusing more on their civilian roles than their duties to the Crown and something needed to be done. It was an agreement amongst the remaining Guardians that they would return to their duties. It was noticeable that they also weren’t actively seeking to put an end to threats such as the Dark Alliance, which at the time of the formation of the Queensguard hadn’t been formed.

Sailor Uranus would be the de facto leader of the Queensguard due to her role as the Security Chief and Sailor Jupiter would be her second-in-command. Sailor Neptune would become Neo Queen Serenity’s primary advisor, and Zoisite would become her new body-double in place of Sailor Venus.


The Golden Kings had been resurrected by King Endymion using the power of the Golden Crystal, and each Heavenly King once again swore loyalty to Endymion. Similarly to the roles of Neo Queen Serenity’s Sailor Guardians, the Heavenly Kings are King Endymion’s own guardians blessed with the power of knighthood.

During Nephrite’s early travels around America he discovered evidence that the Dark Kingdom was reforming. Although he had no direct contact with Queen Beryl, he, along with the other Heavenly Kings would have known how the Dark Kingdom conducted themselves. It made the Kings wary, and only months after that, they began to see signs in Infinity City.

Each Heavenly King is vulnerable to the control of Queen Beryl and Queen Metaria due to their stones. While they may be able to fight off their control with the aid of King Endymion, they are aware that it is difficult to leave Queen Metaria’s service.

  • Kunzite, first-in-command and ambassador of the Middle East.
  • Zoisite, second-in-command and ambassador of Europe.
  • Nephrite, ambassador of North America.
  • Jadeite, ambassador of Asia.

Helios & Maenads

On August 25th, 2018, Elysion emerges from the depths of the sea, creating a new landmass in the Northern Atlantic ocean. While it isn’t a floating city like Crystal City, Helios and the Maenads have made their presence known and swore allegiance to the King and Queen. They are no longer required to abide by their original duties, but may desire to aid archaeologists throughout their adventures in Elysion.


Neo Queen Serenity and Sailor Venus were gifted with advisors from the planet Mau. Their names are Luna and Artemis, and around the time that Princess Lady Serenity is born, they would also give birth to a young kitten named Diana, who would become the princess’s advisor.

However, while these three advise the Sol Guardians, they are not the only advisors. Sailor Mars, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto have taken on advisory roles due to their unique abilities. Unfortunately, Sailor Mars has since resigned as advisor in January 2031.

Nether Moon

With Nehellenia once more being restored to her role as Hecate, a member of the Pantheon, the Nether Moon has been revived. The Amazon Trio and Zirconia have become honorary members of the Crystal Empire and are no longer part of the Dark Alliance.

There has been cooperation with the Crystal Empire in efforts to make the Moon Kingdom more accessible, and Queen Nehellenia (Hecate) has been ensuring it as well as protecting it from the Dark Alliance.

With the purification of the Amazon Trio and Zirconia, they are no longer at the hands of Chaos and their powers are pure intent. They are no longer able to summon Lemures, but are capable of dream manipulation.


Please be aware that we consider the hierarchy to be in order from most influental to least, therefore you should consider the placement of your character on this list.
  • King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity are the rulers of the Crystal Empire. They both hold equal absolute power. While the Crystal Empire aims to be matriarchal, Neo Queen Serenity is unconfident as a ruler, and prefers to push Endymion to deal with the majority if possible.
  • Sailor Uranus is the Security Chief of the Crystal Empire. While on Earth she holds power on security detail, she also leads investigations and protection over those who’ve obtained the Crystal Palace’s protection. Sailor Uranus is considered the leader of the Outer Sailor Guardians, who are responsible for preventing intergalactic threats.
  • Sailor Jupiter is the leader of the Inner Guardians whose responsibility is primarily to protect Neo Queen Serenity. She is also the leader of the Queensguard as she formed it when the Sailor Guardians were being inattentive.
  • Sailor Saturn co-operates the Outer Guardians with Sailor Uranus.
  • Kunzite is the commander of the Heavenly Kings and the primary bodyguard for King Endymion. He is an ambassador for the Middle East.
  • Zoisite is second-in-command of the Heavenly Kings. He replaced Sailor Venus as Neo Queen Serenity’s body double and bodyguard. He is an ambassador for Europe.
  • Sailor Pluto and Luna are advisors for the Crystal Empire and are on equal rankings.
  • Sailor Neptune is a foreign ambassador for the Crystal Empire.
  • Helios is the High Priest of Elysion and oversees Elysion’s affairs. He may also act as an advisor to the royal family. Helios is in command of the Maenads, who are the priests of Elysion.
  • Sailor Mercury TBD.
  • Sailor Mars TBD.
  • Sailor Venus was demoted and ranks beneath Sailor Jupiter, Mars and Mercury due to her insubordination and conflicts of interest.
  • Nephrite is an ambassador for the North America.
  • Jadeite is an ambassador for East Asia.
  • Artemis is at the lower tier of the advisory team. He is primarily responsible for Sailor Venus.

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