Crystal City - January 2031

Eternal is a Sailor Moon role play set after the series, during the rise of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. 2030 brought much turmoil to Earthlings as the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom’s attacks became more frequent, each attack becoming more disastrous than the previous. But now after Queen Metaria requested Chaos to revive their old comrades to further prosper the Dark Kingdom, a union has formed. Queen Nehellenia has formed an allegiance with the Black Moon, and now both the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon must learn to work with each other’s dissenting beliefs.

Eternal has been around since July 10th, 2018. We have no word count and we utilize real life face claims.


Age and Rating

Eternal requires that all members are 16+ years of age. We're a self-hosted MyBB board with a rating of language 3, violence 3, and sex 3.


Register with your character's first and last name depending on their character's cultural naming conventions. For example, if your character is Asian, register surname forename, or if they're from America, register forename surname.

OOC accounts are required upon registering for the first time. Our Member Directory is automated and uses your OOC account to identify which characters you play, as that will be your "master" account for your characters.

Please note that we do not delete established characters from the board, even if they have been labeled inactive. Our software permits us to merely hide their accounts from the roster if they're under the inactive group. We do, however, delete unestablished accounts -- e.g. they never finished an application or vanished before they reached 6 IC posts.


We consider Eternal to be a welcoming, drama free environment. LGBTQ+ is encouraged at Eternal, and we expect players to be respectful of each other's pronouns. Discrimination, harassment, transphobia and homophobia are bannable offenses.


Advertising is not permitted outside of the advertising forum. This rule also applies to the Discord chat, please don’t mention other sites you’re on or were on. Staff will kindly ask the conversations to cease and move to Discord DMs. Such discussions are considered bad form and discourteous to others. Therefore, site discussions should be restricted solely to Eternal.


  • Be friendly and courteous to each other. This is meant to be a fun hobby, so please keep that in mind when in the discord chat.
  • Please keep chat speak to an absolute minimal in the discord chat, and absolutely refrain from abbreviations like 'u'.
  • No negativity in main chatting areas. We want to see only positive vibes. If you absolutely must post something negative, we'll kindly direct you to the #venting channel. Repetitive negativity in the public areas will result in warnings and removal of posts.
  • The open threads channel is strictly for posting open threads, not discussions -- the same goes for tagging channels. If you want to claim a thread, respond to it with an emoji attached to the post.
  • The "everyone" tag is reserved for staff, and it is primarily for announcements. Please don't ignore it, you may miss some important updates.


Activity Checks

Activity checks happen on the 12th of every month and last for one month, ending at 9:15pm EST on the 11th of every new month. We require players to respond to these using their OOC account and abide by the activity check guidelines for that month, as well as understand what role type their characters play. Staff members are accommodating to case-by-case situations, provided that the players discuss their situations with staff. We understand role play is a hobby, and we want it to be enjoyable!

Faction Leaders

Faction leaders are major canons who are required to post two posts per month, and maintain a presence on the forum. These roles are held to higher standards than other roles and are required to maintain activity every month. See the canon roster descriptions for more information.

Supporting Canons

Supporting canons, or "minor roles" are IC positions where they are not required to have an active presence on the board. These roles may range from minor Sailor Guardians, knights, Black Moon and Dark Kingdom characters. It varies.

These roles are expected to post once a month, and may claim a "skip month" every other month if they choose during activity checks.

Character's First Month Activity

New characters must post one IC post within 14 days of acceptance or their character will reopen. It is usually recommended that your character's writing sample becomes their starter post in order to start right away.

Within the character’s first month they are not subjected to activity check guidelines. They will, however, be required to post in all future activity checks after their first month.


We permit absences even while we're running activity checks, as we feel that real life should always come first. Absences must be posted in the absence thread and have an expected end date. If you don't have an 'end date', please discuss your situation with the staff and we'll work something out. Please only post absences if you're going to be absent for more than 10 days.

Character Creation


There are no character limits. We'll permit you to play as many characters as you can handle, provided that you can maintain activity with all of them and know your limits. If staff feel that you're playing over what you can handle, we may choose to revoke your character creation rights until you demonstrate that you can handle your current characters.


  • Mandatory. First come, first serve.
  • Respond to the reservation thread with your character account only.
  • Reservations last 14 days and a 5 day extension is given upon request.
  • Applicants who go over the alloted time will still have their application moved to the inactive character board (staff only), where they can continue to work on it behind-the-scenes with the understanding that someone else can still apply for the role and will have priority over yours. You must wait until their reservation period has run out before your application will be reviewed again.
  • Your Mini Profile must be filled out completely in order to be approved. Even if you bump your application claiming you're finished, your application will be delayed until you fill it out. Your mini profile acts as your claims, and you can update it at any time you choose to change your faces or another type of claim. Completion of the mini profile also includes the links that it asks you to provide, e.g. a link to your character's application. After acceptance sections such as your player development board, thread tracker and shipper may be added after your acceptance.

Character Types

  • Series Canons are generally expected to maintain similarities in histories, personalities and relationships to their original representation in the series, with varying differences based on things that you choose to make them fit into our world. Their appearance must be similar to their original portrayals from the series, but they may be of any ethnicity that you choose.

    We do not permit "whitewashing" of canons who are clearly not white, e.g. Sailor Pluto.
  • Original Characters are permitted on Eternal, and we have a plethora of canon spots that are not from the series for you to choose from. We do strongly recommend selecting one of those roles in order to integrate more easily into the site, but you are also welcome to create someone not on the roster. We do not require you to have prior series knowledge to play any of our original roles.
    • We will not permit Sailor Guardians and knights who are not on the roster. These are “special” roles that we prefer to keep limited.
  • Relatives: Original characters may only be related to a canon character with consent from the canon character’s player and other affected parties. We prefer to keep these roles on a very limited basis, and they’re normally more acceptable coming from established players who’ve been around for at least six months or more.

    That being said, if you’re playing an original canon role (e.g. a Future Moon, Shade) and you desire them to be related to one another, you’re more than welcome to specify it in a wanted ad.
  • Knights and Sailor Guardians genders: All Sailor Guardians must be biologically female, as per series canon, with the exception of Tuxedo Mask (King Endymion). Knights, BMC and Dark Kingdom soldiers may be of any gender.

Reclaiming and Dropping

You may drop characters at any time, we'd rather you play roles that you have the inspiration for. To drop characters you may do so during activity checks or in our moderation thread. To reclaim roles after you've dropped them, you may reclaim them also in the moderation thread by responding to it with a link to your profile and noting your desire to reclaim.


We use real life face claims only. Faces are required to be legitimately famous, e.g. making a profit, not doing it as a hobby, and they're signed. Animanga, artwork and illustrations are not permitted unless they're a canon representation of your canon character for gif purposes only for your smaller gif profile graphics (mini profile and small thread image).
  • Avatars must be 250 x 450.
  • Mini profile gif is 209x120.
  • Post author gif size is 100x120.
  • Signatures are not permitted.

Role Playing


  • There is no word count on Eternal. Write what needs writing.
  • Posts should be written in third person.
  • Communicate with your partners and establish expectations with each other.
  • Ask your partner for consent on power-playing and god-moding.
  • IC actions have IC consequences.

Time Stamps

All threads must be time stamped. When you start a new thread, there will be a field for you to provide an IC date of your thread. If you don't have a specific date and only wish to provide the month and year, that is okay! But for IC Acts purposes, we need to know what month your thread took place.


Members may tag each other in either the discord tagging channels or using @"Character Name" in their thread. Tagging is optional, but a courtesy to others!

Mature Threads

Mature topics must be marked with an [M] in their title, and players under the age of 18 will not be allowed to partake in mature threads. If we discover that you are lying about your age and playing in mature threads, you will be banned. Rape threads and characters are not permitted on this site.


Templates are permitted and they're optional! However, due to MyBB's fussiness, we expect you to use the templates that we provide in the code bank. If you manage to get the code to work yourself, you may use it, provided that you post the template in your own player development board. Templates that require you to hover over an image are not permitted in IC areas.

You cannot adjust the font family, font size or color of your post -- we change skins every so often, and we don't want a clash.