Welcome to Eternal, a post Sailor Moon Stars site relocated to Orlando, Florida, utilizing the canon portrayals as they were in the series. We’re set during the rise of Crystal City, shortly after King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity ascended the throne. Wiseman is making his mark for the first time in history and creating the Black Moon as a human, but lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom is also slowly reforming.

The Future Moon

By the 40th Century, Princess Lady Serenity is 22 (922) years old, nearing her time where she is ready to become the new Queen and allow her mother, Neo Queen Serenity, to retire. But before she is able to take on her duties as Queen Lady Serenity, she must embark on a mission in the past in hopes of bringing peace to the future once more.

During the 40th Century, the state of Crystal City has entered martial law as the Black Moon and the Dark Kingdom create violence. The royal family believes that the madness inside humankind is not an ordinary one as they won’t listen to reason. They believe that it’s Chaos’s doing, but the only link to it remains in the past as Princess Lady Serenity believes history is repeating itself with Queen Metaria’s and Queen Beryl's return.

The Amazon Quartet and Princess Lady Serenity have traveled into the year 2030 in order to investigate what has brought back Queen Metaria and Queen Beryl. Their history is no stranger to the history books and Princess Lady Serenity is fully aware of what happened during the Silver Millennium and present day Orlando. When Sailor Moon defeated Queen Metaria during the present day, that should have been the end of it. But Princess Lady Serenity believes that there’s something more to the recent events, and that perhaps Chaos has found a way to resurrect his fragments—but how?

Everything leads back to Wiseman and his crystal orb, but there’s no absolute certainty that this may be the cause. Princess Lady Serenity and the Amazonians intend on restoring the future by repairing the past, but at the cost that they must not reveal their royal heritage and identities without damaging the future. Will they be able to stop Chaos in time before disaster strikes?

The Amazon Quartet and Knights

The Amazonian Soldiers and Knights are at Princess Lady Serenity’s side, as she’s entered a stage of Neo Sailor Moon where she is now a true soldier. The Amazon Quartet may have all of their attacks listed in the animanga as well as two new ones. The knights may have up to 4 attacks and 2 abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 40th Century the future for the game?

No. The 40th Century that the Future Moon characters come from is a potential future, but not a guaranteed future. Therefore the events in the game have a potential to change the future that Lady Serenity and the Quartet come from.

Did the Black Moon arc happen for the Future Moon?

Yes it did, but the Black Moon Clan member remnants continue to prevail in this timeline. Wiseman was destroyed in the future and managed to leave behind his mark on mankind with the joined powers of Queen Metaria. Queen Metaria’s own darkness hovers over the Crystal City, creating the madness and desire for violence that humanity is suffering from.

What is the living situation for the Future Moon?

They rented a house using money that they’d brought with them from the future. However, they must obtain jobs in order to continue to afford rent, food and other necessities.

How did the Future Moon travel into the past?

They traveled through the past with one of Sailor Pluto’s time keys with her and Neo Queen Serenity’s authorization.

Who is informed of the Future Moon’s existence in 2030?

No one except Sailor Pluto.

How did the Amazon Quartet come into existence?

They were born on asteroids and their Sailor Crystals landed in the Amazon Rain Forest. They do not have any real ‘parents’ for that matter.

Do the Amazon Quartet have access to their attacks/abilities from when they were under Queen Nehellenia? What about their Amazon Stones?

Yes they do! We believe that this was already part of their original attacks/abilities, and that Queen Nehellenia may have twisted it in a way where they were able to access it through the Amazon Stones without transforming into Sailor Guardians. Although they no longer need their Amazon Stones to wield their powers as they’re full-fledged Sailor Guardians, they keep them as mementos.

Would the Future Moon be informed that the Black Moon sent Sailor Guardians into the past?

No, this happened after they left to 2030.

Are the Amazon Quartet related by blood?

As they were born on asteroids, it’s possible that they are not related by blood and that they consider themselves ‘sisters’ due to their birth. However, players are welcome to choose for them!

Did Lady Serenity go back into the past to train with the Solar Guardians?

Yes she did, therefore the events of the series are still canon to Lady Serenity. But nobody aside from Lady Serenity will remember these events as Guardian Cosmos would have placed a memory lock on 2030 Solar Guardians. This means that it’s absolutely crucial for Lady Serenity to hide her identity from the Solar Guardians as they don’t know who she is.

What stage are the Future Moon?

They are at their Eternal stage.

What is the status of the Dark Kingdom in the future?

They are still active. What knights have become purified and what knights haven't are unknown.

So the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon are working together in the future?

Yes and no. Wiseman and Queen Metaria are fragments of Chaos, therefore they are more probable to work together than their own subordinates. They may have used their powers in order to accomplish certain goals while maintaining their own differences.

Do the Black Moon have access to Nemesis in the future?

Wiseman was banished to Nemesis in the future, but he's managed to escape it and return to Earth under the form of Wiseman that is known in the Black Moon arc. It's this form of Wiseman that teamed up with Queen Metaria.

Can my character be the child of X canon?

We'd prefer them not to be, but if you discuss your ideas with staff members first, we may make exceptions if you've been a player with us for a long time. Naturally you must have approval from all parties affected.

Are Princess Lady Serenity and Helios married in the future?

That's up to their players!