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Welcome to Eternal, a post Sailor Moon Stars role playing game relocated to Orlando, Florida, utilizing the canon portrayals as they were in the series. We’re set during the rise of Crystal City, shortly after King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity ascended the throne. Wiseman is making his mark for the first time in history and creating the Black Moon as a human, but lingering in the shadows, the Dark Kingdom is also slowly reforming. What will become of this disastrous wish?


All factions permit original characters including the Silver Millennium. However, be aware that original characters cannot be Sailor Guardians. The only original Sailor Guardians we allow are those that belong to the Galactica roster, e.g. Sailor Cocoon, Sailor Mermaid. Silver Millennium and Golden Kingdom characters who've been reincarnated cannot have power.

White Moon

The Silver Millennium, the kingdom in which Neo Queen Serenity rules. Once located on Mare Serenitatis on Earth’s moon, dubbed the “Moon Kingdom”. But the kingdom had fallen into tragedy after a great war between the Earth and Moon, ending in silence after Queen Serenity sacrificed her life to grant rebirth to all those who’d fallen in the war.

All planets within the Solar System are considered part of the Silver Millennium, and now after the marriage of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, the Earth has joined the Silver Millennium. After the Sailor Soldiers revealed their identities to Earthlings, they’d also removed the seal on the ruins of Mare Serenitatis just recently.

Character Types

The White Moon royal family, Sailor Soldiers and advisors will be placed in this faction.

Golden Kingdom

Once a secret location on Earth known as Elysion, the Golden Kingdom was a sacred place and the home of Prince Endymion and the Four Heavenly Kings. The Golden Palace is in ruins now, and archaeologists have managed to uncover it after an extensive dig.

The shrine of Elysion which the High Priest Helios resides in remains hidden within the Earth, untouched by mankind.

Character Types

King Endymion, Helios and the priests and priestesses of Elysion, and the Four Heavenly Kings will be placed in this faction.

Future Moon

40th Century, Crystal City. Princess Lady Serenity, the Sailor Quartet and their Guardians have journeyed back into the year 2030 in order to investigate Queen Metaria and Wiseman. In their timeline, darkness reigns supreme as Wiseman and Queen Metaria teamed up with each other. Just what triggered the third return of Queen Metaria and Queen Beryl, and what can they do to put an end to the Black Moon and Dark Kingdom?

Princess Lady Serenity must investigate the past before she can ascend the throne of the future. Can they conceal their identities in the past to not alarm the White Moon of their connections?

Character Types

Princess Lady Serenity, the Sailor Quartet, Asteroid Sailor Guardians, and their knights. This faction is not open to 'original characters' not listed on the roster.


When Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion ascended the throne of Earth, Earthlings have been forced to undergo a series of new challenges. They may or may not be for their new King and Queen, and they may have mixed feelings about the Dark Kingdom. The fact that the United States no longer has an acting president, but rather a monarchy, may have also shocked the world and made them react as the United States was not meant to have a monarchy.

Character Types

Ordinary civilians, secret service agents, government officials, politicians, etc.

The Galactica

Led by Queen Fireball of Kinmoku, the Sailor Starlights have joined forces with the reincarnated Galactica Sailors and returned to Earth in order to give their thanks to Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Kinmoku has been fully restored, and as a result of Queen Fireball’s absence, the kingdom is temporarily being ruled by her destined lover.

Queen Fireball hopes to aid Neo Queen Serenity on her quest to achieve peace. However, it is posing quite a challenge as some Earthlings are fearful of extraterrestrials, even if they are Sailor Guardians. Queen Fireball, the Sailor Starlights and Sailor Galactica are currently residing in the Crystal Palace as guests.

Character Types

Queen Fireball, Sailor Starlights, purified Sailor Galactica.

Black Moon

Led by Wiseman, who unknowingly to his followers is a fragment of Chaos, the Black Moon is a terrorist group with powers. They’ve revived crime and murder unseen within the past ten years. They believe that immortality is sacrilege against God, and that that is enough reason to kill an Earthling. This era of the Black Moon is the first time the Black Moon has formed, therefore they haven't been banished to Nemesis yet for their crimes. They have a rivalry with the Dark Kingdom, who have opposite beliefs that they do.

In this era, Prince Diamond is still a commander known as White Diamond, but he has become the favorite of Wiseman. White Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Green Emerald, and Crimson Rubeus are the original members who joined Wiseman when it first formed, therefore they have a higher rank than all other commanders.

Character Types

Wiseman, commanders, soldiers, and associates of the Black Moon.

Dark Kingdom

When Guardian Cosmos had granted rebirth to the Sailor Soldiers, the Galaxy Cauldron had also granted rebirth to another antagonist faction, the Dark Kingdom. Queen Beryl has been resurrected on Earth with her memories intact, and seeks revenge on the royal family as she’s recreated the Dark Kingdom.

The second Dark Kingdom is another rebel group like the Black Moon, but with different beliefs as they desire to obtain the Silver Crystal and welcomed its gift of immortality. Queen Beryl still is trying to relocate Queen Metaria, as she believes that their former Great Ruler has also been resurrected.