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Claims & Directory

Our Claims Directory is merged with our Player Directory as part of our automated system. Anyone in the "applicant" faction doesn't have their claims claimed, only those sorted into factions do. Please see our rules for our face claim rules.

Players can have their characters part of an occupation used by somebody else, we don't consider those to be "claimed". We only show them here for your convenience.

Avatar Username [desc] Faction Alter-ego Face Claim Player
Adamao Megalos Black Moon White Diamond Alex Pettyfer Lish
Asteria Galactica Sailor Fireball Elizabeth Olsen Harlow
Chloe Lunette Applicant Ora
Cynthia Lunette White Moon Sailor Moon Emilia Clarke Vii
Iseul Wright White Moon Sailor Mercury Bae Yoo-bin (Binnie) Rora
Jade Blackburn Black Moon Green Emerald Emeraude Toubia Vii
Kali Portner White Moon Sailor Pluto Candice Patton Lish
Kelvin Thomas Dark Kingdom Pluto Knight Michael B. Jordan Rora
Kwan Daehan Applicant Amphitrite Knight Park Jimin Paragon
Lena Moore White Moon Sailor Venus Amanda Seyfried Harlow
Lilith Rey Dark Kingdom Queen Metaria Eva Green Vii
London Marama Dark Kingdom Moon Knight Marlon Teixeira Rora
Lorelai Price Black Moon Koan Adelaide Kane Harlow
Malin Bishop Dark Kingdom Queen Beryl Jaimie Alexander Harlow
Marcelline Faridah Galactica Sailor Mermaid Jodelle Ferland Rora
Maximilian Chase Dark Kingdom Saturn Knight Nick Bateman Lish
Naomi Brandt Applicant Kiko Mizuhara Rose
Seraphina Bailey White Moon Sailor Saturn India Eisley Harlow
Vii Administrator Vii
Yoon Soo Min Earthlings Uhm Jung Hwa Lish