Choi Hyun-Jung



ALIAS: Jadeite, Hyun
AGE: 33
FACTION: Inactive
ETHNICITY: South Korean
OCCUPATION: Ambassador
FACE CLAIM: Kim Jaejoong


  • Cell Phone: Used mainly for communication on the go.
  • Jadeite Stone: A stone of Jadeite that Hyun keeps with him. May still contain his soul and essence inside.
  • Sword: Hyun's weapon of choice as needed.


NAME: Jadeite


  • Ice Manipulation: Jadeite can create, control, and redirect most ice attacks if he is stronger than the other user. This requires a lot of focus and it can easily break if he is distracted. Fire will overwhelm this ability instantly.
  • Low Body Temperature: Because of his ice manipulation, Jadeite can handle being in cold weather better than the average human. His body temperature can also be slightly lower than normal and would not affect his performance greatly. He is still susceptible to freeze if he is in a very cold, harsher environment.
  • Freezing Touch: Jadeite can freeze people and objects by the touch of his hand. Completely freezing something or somebody requires a lot of concentration. Once that concentration is broken, the target has time to recover. He is not able to freeze anything that's on fire, unless it is a small fire that can be put out.
  • Ice Shard: Jadeite can create an ice shard that he can use as a dagger and projectile. This is often used as a last resort if he is not able to use his sword. Fire will melt the shard instantly.
  • Snow Rush: Jadeite can create a small blizzard  to hurl at his enemies to use mainly as a distraction. The blizzard is not strong enough to freeze anyone but it can cloud someone's vision temporarily while he attempts to escape.


Jadeite was one of the Four Heavenly Kings dedicated to serve the Earth Prince, Endymion, during the Silver Millennium era. Before he took that role, he had a peaceful childhood with his parents and 2 siblings who loved and cared about him. Jadeite was primarily a caretaker and kept the peace in many arguments and debates within the community. It was no surprise that Jadeite decided to serve in the Earth's council, initially as a diplomat for other nations. Endymion saw potential in Jadeite and observed the youth during his time in the council.

Jadeite was the last to become one of Endymion's Heavenly Kings of patience and harmony and he proudly served that role. Shortly after he was appointed was when he discovered his prince meeting with a mysterious girl with blonde hair. Jadeite grew concerned with Endymion's infatuation with this girl, especially once it became known that she was from the Moon Kingdom. Once the girl's own guardians arrived, Jadeite became enamored with the one bearing the title Sailor Mars. Her fiery temper and dedication to protecting her princess Serenity was the starting point of a blooming, yet short-lived, relationship.

Once the Moon Kingdom became known, it made many Earth civilians restless and rather worried about the future of the Earth Kingdom. A war soon rose between both kingdoms due to one of Earth's civilians using dark powers to rally people to her cause. Jadeite and the other Heavenly Kings sided with their prince as Endymion struggled to gain his people's respect. Both kingdoms fell to chaos as Endymion died protecting Serenity and Serenity took her own life. More lives were lost from the senseless slaughter and the late Queen Serenity used the power of the Silver Crystal to give everyone a second chance at life, which also included those from Earth.

Jadeite was resurrected as Choi Hyun-Jung, the only son to a family living in South Korea. His childhood was challenging due to tensions rising in local communities, not to mention various political affairs emerging in his country. He remained close with his family while focusing on completing school. He grew more motivated to be more involved in his community and enlisted in the army once he became of age. While out in the field, Queen Beryl saw potential in Hyun. Beryl tried to convince him that the world had a larger threat to worry about and that was the White Moon family. Hyun didn't believe her at first but Beryl soon awakened his memories as Jadeite. She manipulated them to show how the Moon Kingdom corrupted their Earth Kingdom and was trying to repeat that again. Hyun was in disbelief that this happened and the dark presence lingering from Beryl soon clouded his judgment. After Beryl successfully converted Hyun to the Dark Kingdom, he cast aside his name and served his queen proudly and with no hesitation as Jadeite.

He rose in the ranks quickly and was cruel to those who did not listen to Queen Beryl. When the Sailor Guardians emerged, Jadeite was angry with himself at how they easily overpowered him. As he encountered the Sailor Guardians, more memories triggered from his past life during the Silver Millennium. Jadeite eventually recalled his true memories that were clouded by Queen Beryl's influence. Once the other Heavenly Kings regained all their memories, they tried their best to fight back against Queen Beryl/Metallia but were quickly eliminated. Their presences still lingered near Endymion as he still possessed their stones.

After the Crystal Palace formed, Endymion made the decision to resurrect his own former knights. Jadeite was in disbelief that this happened and wondered why Endymion made this decision after all that happened. He wondered if Endymion still had trust in them, especially after they fell to Queen Beryl's influence. Regardless, he swore loyalty to his new kingdom and was assigned to be the ambassador of the Far East region of Earth. Once the discovery of the Golden Kingdom became known, Jadeite grew curious of its potential and how this would affect relations between the White Moon and Earth. When Jadeite learned of anything new about the Golden Kingdom, he would inform his people in the Far East about them to reduce the fear-mongering that may occur. With the rise of the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon Clan, Jadeite became more wary of his surroundings and is on high alert when and if he encounters anyone associated with those terrorist groups. He tries his best to educate the community to be aware of these threats and to report them immediately to him. This doesn't stop a creeping voice in the back of Jadeite's mind questioning whether or not it's a good idea for him to be here. Or even if the White Moon is truly an ally.

Writing Sample

Jadeite was taken aback by what just happened. It all happened in a flash and before he knew it, he was in the Crystal Palace armory with Endymion discussing his role as the ambassador of the Far East region of Earth. Jadeite was still in a state of shock, at a loss for words, and trying to process what just happened. It was a mixture of excitement and terror but he was unsure which he was more of.

"M-Master..." he began, finally mustering the courage to speak up. "Why...why am I here? Now, of all times?"

The King was in disbelief of this, Jadeite just knew of that. But he needed to get this out in the open. Hearing Endymion explain all this helped ease some tension but it was still hard to convince Jadeite otherwise. He did terrible things in his past life, not just to the Sailor Guardians, but to his own prince as well. He killed, manipulated...It would be unwise to let him continue serving as Endymion's knight now. Who knew what would happen once word got around about his past...

But his King's words were gentle, gave some reassurance to him, despite Jadeite's racing thoughts overwhelming him. Endymion had faith in him, in all of his Heavenly Kings. Despite all that had happened, his loyalty to his own knights never seemed to falter. Even if it broke, it didn't stop Endymion from trying. Jadeite tried his best not to tear up.

"...Very well. If you insist then, Master." Jadeite nodded and bowed deeply to Endymion. "I will dedicate myself to preserving this legacy and not only serve you but the new Queen of Earth as well. You...have my word."

Jadeite looked up to see his King smiling at him. He placed a hand on his knight's shoulder and the tears wouldn't stop. Jadeite tried to dry his eyes with his sleeve.

"...Thank you, Master...I won't let you down."

It didn't stop the thought from crossing Jadeite's mind, however.

This will not end well and you know that.

Jadeite tried his best to brush off the intrusive thoughts as he continued to discuss his new role with Endymion. The more he talked with his King, the better he began to feel about his existence as a whole...for now, anyway.

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