The private residences for the royal families, Sailor Guardians, knights, Golden Kings, staff, and so on.

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when there's no bridges l...
15 Apr 2021, 11:44 AM by Sevik Kincaid
Sevik Kincaid

The Crystal Palace wouldn’t function without its offices, meeting rooms, and most importantly, the Command Room, which has replaced the old Command Center hidden away at Crown Arcade. Characters needing to research topics or engage in leisurely reading may also use the Crystal Palace’s very own private library.

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to all the plans we made
Yesterday, 06:59 AM by Dion Lunette
Dion Lunette

The Great Hall is the dining quarters for the Crystal Palace, including the kitchens, pantries, and additional private dining areas.

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Pandora Mendelssohn

The Wellness Wing contains everything from the sparring room, which is an advanced simulation system designed to allow Sailor Guardians and knights to keep in shape by facing powered enemies. Also in this wing are private gyms, swimming pools, and the Crystal Palace's private physician offices.

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The World Doesn’t End
15 Apr 2021, 11:36 AM by Sevik Kincaid
Sevik Kincaid

From the gardens, Crystal Palace grounds, hallways, and other miscellaneous areas within the Crystal Palace, this forum is the catch-all if it doesn’t fit anywhere else.

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the moments left behind
Yesterday, 08:45 AM by Azazer Hawkins
Azazer Hawkins

Crystal Palace
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