Our roster lists all available and taken roles here at Eternal, from both series canons to original site canons! Since we don’t have an ‘accepted profiles’ forum, we strongly encourage you to use the threads within to navigate through faction-based profiles! Alternatively, there's also the Claims Directory. Each avatar will link to a Member Profile if the role has been filled.

We operate on an automated and member profile system. You’ll find that our Member List is customized and houses all claims (including face claims) and character profiles.

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Do you have a character that you’d like someone to take? Post a wanted ad for them here. They could be a family member, a friend, romantic interest, an enemy, or whatever you’d like. If you’re interested in taking a wanted ad that’s been posted within here and have questions, feel free to reply to that thread! Wanted ads won’t be archived UNLESS the requester no longer wants them or their requester has left us.

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